Clare Hollingworth

First person to report the outbreak of the war


Clare Hollingworth was born in Leicester and grew up in Shepshed. She attended Ashby School. She became a reporter and was in Poland in 1939 where she noticed armoured vehicles which had been concealed and reported them to the Home Office. They were German troops ready to invade Poland and she was the first person to report the outbreak of the war. Clare was determined to share what was happening on the front line with people around the world and passed her findings to the government as well as publishing in newspapers. She affected the war effort directly through her observations, but also helped the people at home understand what was happening before mass-media coverage existed. Clare has been involved in conflict throughout her career and after WW2 also went to report from the frontline in Iran, Vietnam and Algeria amongst other places. She believed in liberty and started her career through arranging visas for refugees in Warsaw to help them escape the regime. Clare was fearless in her pursuit of sharing the real story of what was happening with the world and her government. She has reported from some of the most dangerous places in the world, and has been arrested and threatened, but remained determined to expose the truth and show war for what it really is. She noticed the vehicles and alerted the authorities about the start of WW2 and was not afraid to speak up about what she had seen.
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