Dorothy Pethick

Dorothy - school secretary, and suffragette


Dorothy was a school secretary, and suffragette Dorothy Pethick lead the WSPU in Leicestershire from 1911-12. She organised an all-night party in their head quarters on the night of the 1911 census to boycott it because she believed that “if women don’t count neither shall they be counted”. She was arrested and imprisoned three times in 1909-1910 and wrote articles about the poor hygiene conditions she experienced there. Dorothy was a key member of the suffragette movement who fought tirelessly for equality and for the vote for women regardless of risk to their own liberty. Dorothy served as a police officer in the war, using her experiences and training as a social worker to bring a fair and non-judgemental attitude to her policing. Dorothy is inspiring because she fought for what she believed in even when things got difficult for her. She recognised when things were unfair and contributed to changing them instead of just moaning about them and expecting other people to do something about it.
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