Katherine is a US professional e Sports competitor.


Katherine is a US professional e Sports competitor. She is featured in the Guinness World Records 2016 for having the highest career earnings of any female competitive gamer totalling over $160,000. I have depicted her in the uniform of Spartan from the Halo series of games in which she has been very successful. I chose her because I feel she is a true trailblazer in a very male dominated emerging business. The world of eSports (competitive video gaming) is a relatively new, but a rapidly growing one. Some industry pundits believe it will reach the same level of popularity and support as football. Fans are already attending eSports competitions at live venues in their tens of thousands and live streaming of competitions online achieves viewings in the millions. Unlike physical sports there should be no barrier to women competing equally alongside men. Despite this there are few successful women in the sport and the 10 top men have all earned over $3 million dollars each. eSports needs to look closely at its culture if it is to achieve equal opportunity and a level virtual playing field, and society needs to accept and encourage women in non-traditional careers.
Credits to Margaret Jones

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