Woman of the Ages

Inner goddess, Woman of the Ages.


Our aim is to highlight the magnificence of today’s modern woman and demonstrate the awesome power within; a natural resource available to all females to ‘tap into’ as everything we need is inside

Our ancestors led very different lives and faced lots of varying challenges, yet there is a common link between all women from all the ages and that is, our DNA. The energy and essence of them, is something each and every one of us has inherited as limitless potential. Consider the strength of character, the emotional resilience, the extraordinary wisdom that has evolved and been passed on with each generation. In times gone by, life was much simpler in many respects and determined largely by an understanding of the natural laws. Indeed, it was a matter of life or death. In recent times, particularly in modern civilisations, there has been less attention given to the amazing potential of the natural capabilities in the human body. Both women and men, have become more dependent on external sources for answers to all sorts of modern day problems and issues, especially when it comes to personal health matters. Today, there is a growing movement with many fantastic female health professionals who are offering empowering programmes for personal development and self-care, which help women and men to be ‘tuned in’ to their own natural resources; learning, unleashing and harnessing the power within to help themselves lead happier and healthier lifestyles. May you be inspired, informed and practise a modern version of ancient wisdom, to provide you with a simple strategy for a wholesome experience. Delve deeper into Surana’s colourful energy centres located on the back of her cloak to reveal the gems and integrate at least one facet into your daily routine for a magical transformation.
Credits to Susan Gardener

Barbara Loughton
Clare Hollingworth